In 1911, Kalliroi Siganou-Parren, the first Greek feminist, from Rethymnon, was inspired and became the first President of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, for which she set a double goal, to “serve the progress of the gender [women] to defend and protect them and to revival and preservation of Greek customs and traditions”. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Lyceum developed action inspired by Parren’s belief in the emancipation of women through education and work.

In 1915 in Chania, the Lyceum Club of Greek Women-Branch of Chania was founded. From then until today, the Chania Lyceum Club of Greek Women fights stubbornly for the position of women, basing the fight on her education. Its activity and its social contribution began immediately after its establishment and from then until today it follows the history of the place, lives the pulse of the city and contributes to tradition and culture by organizing lectures, entertainment evenings, revival of customs, children’s dances and artistic evenings, and educating many interested parties in traditional dances, weaving and other arts. Its main work is the support of women and children, the study, the scientific recording, the strengthening and the preservation of Greek customs and traditions, the promotion of volunteerism and social solidarity as well as the provision of public service work.

Kalliroi Siganou-Parren

1950’s Cretan girls, members of Chania Lyceum Club of Greek Women